Christine M Gasparino Memorial Fund

Making this world better by helping others

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The Christine M Gasparino Memorial Fund is a celebratory embodiment of what Christine stood for and loved.  Through this fund we support students in their quest to succeed.  With a focus on science and with her in mind we welcome and encourage your envolvement.

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I never had the pleasure of knowing Christine Gasparino.  It was not until after her death that she became an influence in my life.  I was awarded the scholarship in her name at a time when it could not have been more helpful.  Although I did not
know her I have only ever heard wonderful, positive things
and it seems fitting that even in her absence she continues to nuture and support those that need it.  - Amy Bologna

Ms. Gasparino was a great teacher at Sage Park. She was always very willing to
help her students and passionate about her job. One instance that seems the most
clear to me is when she told us we had to tell her how to make a peanut butter
& jelly sandwich. Something that seems so simple and yet we had to tell her
exactly how to hold the knife and use it, how to get the top off the jelly jar
as well as what part of the bread to lay the contents on. I can remember how
funny it was for our whole class to see her doing such a simple task like making
a PB&J and yet clearly demonstrating that you need to pay attention to vivid
details while putting something together (such as a science project). She really
was a great woman and I hope that I will be a great teacher, just like she
was.  - Jenny Nolte


 I had a different experience with Ms. Gasparino than most. I was a student of hers but not in the classroom. I was a part of the River to Sea program in which Ms. Gasparino oversaw. This very program and Ms. Gasparino's passion and leadership were some of the factors that inspired me to teach in the classroom without walls. I was fortunate enough to receive the very first scholarship award and was, and continue to be truly honored. The scholarship allowed me to get the education that I did and travel all over the United States to not only teach but also learn. I hope that I can be half the educator that Ms. Gasparino was. She touched the lives of so many and continues to do so through this scholarship. Thank you so much        -Christine DeVito